Hello! My name is Bill Christman and this is my personal weblog. If this is your initial visit to the site, then let me be the first to welcome you. If you are a return visitor, let me thank you for your repeated interest.

It’s been more than five years since I started this blog. It began as a way for me to update our family and friends on the progress Janice and I had made in retirement, as well as, a way for me to vent and speak my mind about issues that I found disturbing or incorrect.

Both Janice and I retired in June of 2011 and my blog began in November of that same year. Since then, I have been faithful in posting entries about my life and interests.

If you are interested in keeping up with us, I suggest that you follow the monthly messages. At the beginning of every month I give a 30,000 foot view of what took place the month before, as well as, post about activities and events that I am looking forward to in the preceding 30 or so days that are to come. If I have updates on goals or a progress report on an activity that I have posted about, I will also comment on that here.

There is not really much difference between my blog and the other millions of blogs that are already out there. The intent of the articles are not meant to harbor anger, nor are they meant to oppress or belittle but rather to inform and vent. You’ll find plenty of things to read about, from family get-togethers, to trivia, to adventures and even some good old family updates. Sometimes I will stick my foot in my mouth and/or expose an embarrassing moment for myself or someone else that may cause a sphincter to slam shut or maybe I might accidentally unveil a secret. I apologize for those circumstances in advance.

However, if you are ultra-sensitive, ultra-conservative or ultra-liberal, you might be offended with a few of my posts as I tend to be an analyst at heart and find fault and deceit in most of our politicians and leaders. After all, at my age, I have grown to be opinionated, just like every other 60+ year old. Just remember… as I said earlier, that when reading these blog entries, my posts are not written so much with the intent to incite anger as much as it is to inform you of what I see and the opinions I have about it. And, keep in mind, these are my opinions on issues. Some are based on fact, some are based on hearsay and others are just wild-ass predictions, thoughts and/or feelings. And, the Lord knows, everyone has opinions

I am sure that at times my comments may bring additional controversy to whatever the subject matter of the day is that I am espousing about. But most often they are meant to offer objectivity and viewpoints to ideas and topics that are most often way off center because of biasses.

You’ll find these blog posts under my OCCUPY headers. Anything I don’t like, by the way, goes under the OCCUPY theme, so if you’re interested in what concerns me, just head there. And please keep in mind, whether you agree with me or not, “that’s okay!” You are entitled to your opinions, too!

But, the majority of my posts are about keeping you up to date on the old geezer and what he is doing while retired. So, I give monthly commentaries about Janice’s and my plans for the coming months ahead, as well as, our experiences of the prior month and so on. There will be updates to family members, articles about friends and experiences, some personal reflections, a cartoon or two and much, much more. You can find those under the MONTHLY MESSAGE header.

As you can see, this blog of mine has been both fun and therapeutic. It stems to reason that when you write about stuff, especially the things you have convictions about, you tend to think and rethink your position… I know that I analyze my own reactions to the news we are bombarded with and then mellow a bit afterwards. The same thing happens to me while writing a few of my more opinionated articles. However, I have found that when I reflect on family and friends I tend to get the warm fuzzies.

To date, I’ve had well over four thousand honest hits and I have many return readers. I stand true to form in posting the comments I receive whether they be agreements or arguments to what I have written and there have been well over a hundred of them… however, if I am not aware of the person or the email address, I will often delete them or if I feel that they are sincere I will re-write and then post so that if there are any phish or links attached to the comments, others won’t be subjected to them. Its probably not necessary, especially with a weblog like mine, however one can never be careful. Especially since there are days when I have received over 9,000 pieces of SPAM that Askimet has deleted for me just since 2013 and that doesn’t count the 3-5 others that I receive daily which are disguised or confuse Askimet to at least question their authenticity.

As a side note on my previous subject and on any of my blog entries, I invite constructive criticisms and will do my best to remain objective regardless of what you have to say in reply to my posts. As the old saying goes, “Everyone has opinions,” and boy isn’t that the truth… especially nowadays? It seems that with the technological advances that we have at our disposal that it is easier to express them without condemnation. And just because yours may be different or completely opposite of mine, that doesn’t make it wrong and mine complete accurate.

So for now, let me invite you to sit back, relax and hopefully enjoy what I have posted thus far. You can get to my main blog page by clicking on the link above or by clicking on the Main Blog title on the Category header. You can also select any of the other categories at the top of this initial welcome page. From there, it is easy to maneuver through the many selections.